Home Rentals — Comprehensive Tour Guidelines

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Participating in a comprehensive tour of a group of rental homes will help you select one that will likely not require major repairs or upkeep processes once you move in. Use the following tour guidelines on your quest to find a suitable home to rent.

Structural Components

The structural components that a home is made of may influence how well-insulated a rental will be. The condition of structural materials may also indicate what type of landlord you will potentially deal with if you choose to rent one of the owner's homes.

Assess the condition of sheetrock, paying close attention to how professional the paint or wallpaper looks on each wall. Inspect the windows and doors next. Windows and doors should open effortlessly. A quality window product will feature double-paned glass sections and weatherstripping. Flooring within a home should be free of major damage, plus should be relatively clean


The appliance models that are in a house will influence the quality of day-to-day life within a rental. If you have a large family, having access to a modern stove, refrigerator, and laundry equipment may be a priority of yours. If you will be moving into a rental alone, not being equipped with a lot of appliances may not be too much of a concern.

In spite of this, you should still seek real estate that features basic essentials. Most rental homes that are listed through private owners or real estate agents will feature a stove and a refrigerator. Any additional appliances that are provided in a home could increase the cost of a rental.


The real estate agent or property owner who oversees the tour of a rental will furnish you with details about the utility service providers who you will need to obtain electricity, gas, and water from. Inquire about the utility equipment that has been installed onsite.

The condition of the equipment may indicate what type of service you will receive when heating and cooling a rental or using lights and other electrical equipment within a home's confines.

The listing agent or owner of a rental should be familiar with the average cost that you will incur for each of the utilities. Use the information that you are given to help you decide if a rental property is worth moving into. If the utility costs will be reasonable, you may be more motivated to rent a particular home that you tour.

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