3 Reasons To Schedule A Pre-Inspection When Selling Your Home

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Most people know that home inspections play a major role in most real estate transactions. It is typically a buyer that schedules a home inspection after having an offer accepted on a property. These inspections protect the buyer by uncovering any major structural or safety issues that will need to be addressed after moving in.

Some sellers may choose to complete a pre-inspection when listing their homes on the market. Pre-inspections can prove beneficial in a number of scenarios.

Learn more about these scenarios so that you can take advantage of the pre-inspection process in the future.

1. You Need to Close Quickly

One good reason to invest in a pre-inspection is the need to close quickly when selling your home. You may be moving to another state, or need the proceeds from the sale of your home to finance the purchase of a new property.

Home inspections can slow down the closing process. When you have the inspection completed before you list the property, you can streamline the inspection process after a buyer's offer has been accepted. This helps you close your deal as quickly as possible.

2. You Have an Older Home

Selling an older home can pose some unique challenges. Buyers often associate older homes with increased maintenance costs over time. This association can limit the number of offers that you receive after listing your home on the market.

A pre-inspection can ease the minds of potential buyers. Anyone interested in your home can see the results of a home inspection before they place an offer on the property.

Access to the information found in a pre-inspection report can help buyers feel more confident investing in an older property.

3. You Want to Reduce Stress

Selling a home can be a stressful process. Investing in a pre-inspection before listing your home for sale can significantly reduce the amount of stress you face throughout the process.

A pre-inspection can help prevent offer renegotiations, buyer repair requests, and the potential for buyers to walk away after your property is under contract. The information found in your pre-inspection report can eliminate the chance of any stressful surprises popping up as you attempt to sell your home.

You will find that your stress levels are reduced and the selling process is streamlined when you take advantage of a pre-inspection for your home.

Pre-inspections are valuable tools that sellers can use to simplify the selling process. Consider using a pre-inspection to make your home more desirable the next time you are ready to sell.

For more information, contact home inspectors in your area.