Commercial Property: Three Things You Should Look For

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Whether you want commercial property to expand your business or to grow your business from the ground up, finding the right property is key to having a successful real estate venture. You can buy commercial property via the assistance of your real estate agent, a specialist who focuses mainly on commercial real estate being especially beneficial for your business.

To narrow down your real estate options and make shopping even more beneficial to you, here are three things you should look for when it comes to commercial property for sale. Your real estate agent will assist you in setting up showings and will also assist you in putting in offers and completing projects related to your real estate needs.


Even if a commercial property is centrally located where clients and other businesses can easily find the area, if there's not easy parking, the property may be difficult to navigate for successful business needs. See if the parking located on-site will be able to meet your needs when viewing the commercial property, and if not, see if you are able to contract parking spaces from neighboring areas if you need more parking space.


Look at commercial property that is easily visible from the road for prospects to find you. This means the property needs to be easily seen from a main road and not tucked away behind other businesses or be a standalone property off a main road that can be easily seen. Even better, the property should also be easily accessible without having to cross several side roads to get to it.

When using visibility as a factor in choosing a commercial property, remember this: neighboring businesses are likely to be prevalent since they will also want prime real estate for success. You don't want to choose a commercial property too close to competition, so keep this in mind as you shop around for the best property for your needs.

Flexibility in price

While not all commercial property is flexible in price, you may be able to get a discount on the property you choose if you agree to take the property as-is or if you clean out the building yourself. Or, if you are not in a position to buy a property outright, see if commercial real estate you're interested in is available for lease instead. This allows you to get into a prime commercial location that you want without having to have a large down payment. If a commercial property has been listed for a while, the property owner may be flexible in making a profit and avoiding another mortgage payment.