In Charge Of Rental Housing? Changes Your Property Manager Needs To Make Due To COVID-19

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If you are in charge of rental housing and have a property manager, they will need to make some changes in how they do their job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is more information about this to ensure your property manager and residents are safe and satisfied.

Provide Good Customer Service.

The property manager should be in touch with residents when they need help. This will give all renters reassurance that they will still be taken care of. Give each resident contact information for the property manager just in case they need help. 

One way to make sure they keep in contact is through a video chat. You can send each resident instructions on how to do this. There are apps they can install that the property manager has on their side. They can then connect with each other as needed. Being able to speak to the property manager through video instead of over a phone or text will give each resident assurance that they will be taken care of. 

Watch Over Finances

Many property managers help with financial matters. This may be collecting rent, give eviction notices, and going over payment plans with residents. During COVID-19 you may have many residents that are not able to pay their rent, which can make you lose money.

The property manager should be able to help with this. For example, they may suggest that you stop paying a landscaper to take care of your properties if you have this. Instead, you could do this on your own, especially if you only have a few rentals. The property manager may also be able to find you better prices on things, such as cleaning supplies, paint, etc.

Provide In-Person Help

If you have residents that do require help in person you need to make sure this is done safely. The people that are renting their property can be asked to leave the home when the property manager is there. The property manager may have to call in contractors to make repairs, such as fix plumbing issues or electrical problems. If so, the property manager can set up the best time with the renters so they will be safe. 

Make sure the property manager wears a mask that completely covers their nose and mouth. They should also wear gloves will inside the renter's homes. This will help the renters feel much better about having someone else in their home.

There are many more tips that can help you, such as helping the property manager set up a home office, purchasing a laptop or tablet for them, and much more.

Reach out to a local property management service to learn more.