3 Principles When Investing In Commercial Real Estate

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A great way to build your wealth is through the ownership of real estate. Commercial real estate is an advisable investment if you choose the right type of property that will attract and retain dependable tenants.

Principle #1: Invest in Growing Cities

When you look at commercial real estate, you need to take into consideration the city's ability to support new businesses. You don't want to purchase commercial real estate in an area where the population has been decreasing in recent years.

You want to spend money in a town where the population has been rising, or where the population in nearby towns has been rising. A city that is growing, and that is surrounded by other growing cities, should be able to support your business.

Principle #2: Look for Landlord Friendly Areas

Second, you need to look into the laws that govern your rights and responsibilities in the city that you want to invest in. Although there are generally state landlord laws, most cities also have a lot of freedom to create their own landlord and tenant rules as well.

You want to invest in land in a location where the rules are friendly towards landlords. Particularly pay attention to what it will cost you if you ever want to evict someone from the property. Avoid areas that charge extremely high eviction fees or have unnecessary complex eviction procedures. Eviction is something you want to avoid, but it can be necessary, so when you have to evict a tenant, you want to have the support of the city behind you.

Principle #3: Choose Economically Stable Areas

When choosing where to purchase commercial real estate, take some time to not look at national investing trends, but instead to look more at sub-market trends. Try to find areas that have strong local economies. You may even find that some areas of a particular city have strong economies than other areas of a city.

Really take the time to study the local market and figure out how it has performed over the long run. Find out how many businesses have closed and opened over the past five years. Find out how property values and rents have changed over the last decade. Look into what industries are thriving and which are dying in the area. The more you know, the better the investment you can make.

When it comes to investing in commercial property, if you want the investment to work for you, you need to make sure you are investing in property in an economically stable and growing area that has rules and laws that are landlord-friendly.

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