Why A Realtor Is A Valuable Resource

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Working with a real estate agent is a good way to get a leg up on buying or selling a home or a place of business. By one estimate, 90% of people will use an agent during the process. The numbers hold up very well with the younger generations, too, with 91% of millennials hiring agents to represent their interests. Let's examine why so many people consider a real estate agent to be a valuable resource.

They Know What's Going on at Ground-Level

A Realtor works with people in the community to get places sold. That means they're regularly talking with folks who are moving in and out of the region, and they get to hear why those choices are being made. Most buyers, for example, want to know things like where the best schools are, what the walkability of a neighborhood is, how accessible are highways and transit, what the crime levels are, and what amenities are in the area. An agent can help you quickly sort out which options best fit your requirements.

Advice on Financing

Just as a Realtor deals with lots of stuff right in the neighborhood, they also work with lots of financial institutions. They know which banks and credit unions buyers have had the best luck with, and they can point you toward an institution that will look out for you. When you're given a rate, an agent can also tell you how it compares to some of the deals other clients of theirs have gotten.


Similarly, a real estate agent understands the process of transferring a property. While an agent is never a substitute for an attorney, one can at least help you figure out the basic requirements for doing a title search, inspecting the property, handling closing costs, and turning over keys. They can even point you toward moving companies that will take good care of your stuff.

Representing You

On both the buying and selling sides of the ledger, it's critical to have someone involved in the process who understands your goals and will represent your interests. You can explain to a Realtor what your goals are in terms of the ideal price for a property. As the negotiating process moves forward, they also can help you determine whether a deal is close to done or if you might want to talk with other parties. They also provide a sense of when it's time to quit negotiating and get on with closing.