Misconceptions About Timeshares And What To Know

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Timeshares are something you may consider over the years. An issue that may be holding you back is any misconceptions you may have about what a timeshare is and the benefits of having one. Before you overlook the option for another year, there are some things you should consider. Here are a few of the misconceptions and truths about timeshares such as the ones offered by Hilton Timeshares, Westgate, and Wyndham.

Fixed Times

One of the largest misconceptions about timeshares deals with how long you can use them. There is a concept that the timeshare option has a fixed time, such as a set week a year that you can use your share. The truth is, there are many companies that offer different, flexible options. Some offer a point-based system that allows you to reserve before anyone else that pays into the timeshare if you have enough points. Other companies have options that allow you to use your time any time during the year at flexible locations. In other words, you are not limited to a specific time and location.

Blackout Dates

A concern for many people is based on a misconception regarding blackout dates. The truth is, most companies do have blackout dates that are centered around specific times a year. These dates are generally for maintenance, cleaning, and for any upgrades the company may be doing. These dates are made known to the timeshare owners prior to signing the contract. Blackout dates are generally not done suddenly and the owners do know when they will be so they can plan accordingly.

No Returns

If you have never bought into a timeshare, you may be concerned about what happens if you don't like it. If you do not like it, the misconception is you are stuck with the purchase. The truth is, most companies will allow you to sell your portion of the timeshare or pay a small fee to get out of the contract. This may fall under certain refusal laws and citations in your timeshare contract. There is also a certain resell value to most timeshares you should consider.

If you are considering a timeshare like the ones offered by Hilton Timeshares, Westgate, and Wyndham contact your local agent. They can help you with questions, finding the right option for your needs, and upgrades that may be available. They can also help if you are considering more time with your timeshare or options in other states and locations.

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