Buying A Home That Doubles As An Office

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Along with the movement of many workers working from home, there is an increased interest in homes for sale that make great workspaces as well. But what factors go into choosing a great home for your business? Here are some things to think about when looking at homes for sale.

Extra Space

When you're looking at the configuration of the new home, you may want to favor homes that have a bedroom that is detached from the main home. It can be difficult to work when you're family is in the living room next door, so spacing out your workspace from the main common areas is a big plus.


Privacy is important when you are sitting on your laptop for many hours. You probably don't want the distraction of people looking in your windows as you work, so make sure that you choose a property with an ideal situation of the spare room.

Visual Interest

Again, staying within your home all day can be a bit more challenging than you think. You will want to make the space feel as fresh as possible. Big windows with nice landscaping are one way to create your own work oasis at home. You might need to update the space with fresh paint, carpeting and other decorative touches to give your new workspace a more professional and inviting feel.

Electrical Demands

If you have to have multiple monitors, a printer and other work equipment in a small workspace, then your energy demands become closer to that of an office space. You will want to make sure that the home is electrically sound; an electrician is one option for checking the wiring of the home. And consider that you may need to install additional outlets or a circuit breaker for your workspace, which can ring up a tab when you're preparing your workspace. It's best to have those costs evaluated before you start signing the papers on a real estate deal.

These are only some of the biggest factors that can come into play when you're choosing a workspace. If you have never worked from home before but are hoping to make the switch when you have enough space, maybe it's a good idea to set up some space in your current home to do a test run. That way, you'll know what things bug you about working from home and you'll be able to choose new homes for sale that make you as comfortable as possible.