Purchase A New Gun For Protection? 2 Tips To Choose A Gun Safe For It

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If you have purchased a new gun for protection, you need to keep the gun in a safe place. One thing you can do is to purchase a gun safe. This will also keep small hands off your gun, as well as protect the gun from damage from scratches, fading, and dust. If you plan to do this, below are two tips on choosing a gun safe that will work best for you.

Opening the Gun Safe

If you need to use the gun you likely need to get to it fast. Because of this, you need to consider the way you want the safe to open. If you choose a combination lock, work the combination until you can do it quickly. Most of these combinations will only have three to four numbers.

You could also choose a safe that locks with a key. Just make sure you have the key readily available but out of reach of small children. For even more security, there are safes that have both a key lock and a combination.

Electronic locks are another option. These can be advantageous because you can open the safe much quicker. These locks have a keypad and you enter numbers that you preset. When the door is shut, it will automatically lock again. You can easily change the combination if you need to.

You can find gun safes that require your fingerprint to open. These are highly secure and you can open the door immediately.

Choosing the Right Material

You also have to consider the material the gun safe is made of. You will find gun safes made of thin metal, which is not a good option as it would not be difficult for someone to break in and get the guns. A good, quality gun safe will be made of thick steel of approximately 10 to 11 gauge. The higher the gauge the more expensive the safe this is money well spent. The door should be made of solid plate steel.

When looking at safes, you will see there is an Underwriter Laboratory burglary rating of a residential secure container (RSC). The higher the UL rating is the higher quality the gun safe is. If you do not see an official UL rating or RSC rating, you should look further for another safe.

Talk with the gun safe salesperson about the different types of safes they offer. They can give you even more information about them. Visit http://scscincus.com for more information.