Two Good Reasons To Have Your Home Inspected Before Listing It For Sale

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You have everything spruced up for perfect pictures, the perfect description written, and a lowest acceptable offer price in mind, so you are pretty much ready to get your home up on the real estate market and start the process of selling your home. But before you get your home on the market, there is one key to the process that you should not leave out: having your home inspected. While most homeowners getting ready to sell will leave the home inspection to the buyer, there are a few good reasons why it is a great idea to go ahead and have your home professionally inspected now. 

Tackle issues that could hinder the sale of your home now. 

Most home lenders want a home to be inspected before they will even consider handing over loan funds to make the purchase. This is because, no matter how good and well-put-together a home may look, there could always be hidden problems and issues floating beneath the surface that an untrained eye just won't see.

During the home inspection, the professional will get an in-depth look at the inner workings, components, and structure so there is less of a chance that a hidden major issue could come up later and compromise the home's value. Doing this before you sell your home means, if there are any hidden issues, they can't pop up to scare away a lender later on because you will already have things taken care of. 

Make your home look more attractive to potential buyers. 

When your home has already been inspected, you can proudly share this information as part of your marketing efforts to prospective buyers. By letting buyers know the home has already been inspected and even offering to show them the inspection report, they will feel more confident about making an offer on your home and just buying the home in general.

The scariest part of being a buyer is you never know when a seller is being honest about the home's condition. With professional documentation to back you up, there will be no question in the mind of a buyer as to whether you are telling the truth.

In the end, having your home inspected before you list it for sale leaves you as a confident seller who is better equipped to properly market your home. For more information, contact a professional home inspection service such as AccuPro Inspection Services.