Take Care Of These Important Details When You Sell A Vacant Home

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Whether you've already moved or you have an investment property that is currently empty, you might find yourself selling a vacant residence. Doing so can be convenient — you won't have to kill time away from the home during open houses, for example — but it also gives you some things to think about. A vacant home still needs to be adequately cared for so that it will be at its best when prospective buyers schedule a visit with their real estate agent. Here are some simple steps that you can do to prepare the home for prospective buyers.

Set The Thermostat Appropriately

You shouldn't turn off the air conditioning or furnace just because the home is empty. If an interested buyer schedules a visit, you want the interior of the home to feel welcoming, and a hot house in the summer or a cold house in the winter may compel a buyer to cut his or her visit short. Consider your climate and set the thermostat appropriately. The home doesn't need to be icy cold while empty, but keeping it cool in the summer is a good idea. Likewise, keeping your home warm in the winter is about more than comfort — if you shut the furnace off and the house gets too cold, you could be dealing with frozen pipes.

Keep The Water Turned On

Many people turn the water off when they own a vacant home, and this can be a good idea to prevent leaks. However, when the home goes on the market, you should ensure that the water is turned on — even if you have to drop over to the home to turn the water on before a scheduled viewing. Buyers and their agents will often turn on a tap in the home to assess the water pressure, and having the water turned off could suggest that you're hiding a pressure issue.

Have Lights Set On Timers

It's nice to have lights on when people visit the home, as this can feel welcoming. However, you don't want to always be rushing over to the vacant home to turn the lights on ahead of a viewing. Fix this problem by putting your interior and exterior lights on timers. This way, if there's an evening viewing, you can be sure that the exterior lights will be welcoming for the buyer upon pulling into the driveway, while interior lights will make the home feel hospitable, too.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to make vacant homes for sale inviting.