Get Creative With These Words To Describe A House That May Have Shortcomings

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The real estate listing that you and your agent work on when you're listing your home for sale is often the first thing people will see when they load your listing online. If your home has a few factors that some people may see as shortcomings, working carefully to use the right wording can yield a listing that reads favorably. Real estate listings often use this approach to create a write-up that casts any potential shortcomings in a different light. Here are some tips for using positive words.

When The House Is Small

You don't want to outwardly say that your home is small. In the real estate world, "small" can have a negative feeling associated with it, and this can reduce the speed with which you sell the home. Instead, use a term such as "cozy." Reading this word immediately evokes positive feelings, as many people love the idea of living in a cozy home. For example, if the living room is smaller than the average home, you could use a sentence such as, "Relax with your family in the cozy surroundings of the living room."

When The House Needs Updating

Sometimes, sellers will invest money in updating an outdated home prior to putting it on the market. If this isn't possible for you, it's vitally important to use the right wording in your listing. Instead of saying that the house needs to be updated, say something such as, "A perfect home for the do-it-yourself enthusiast." Or you could use a sentence such as, "Perfect for adding your refined touches to create the house of your dreams." People love the idea of customizing a home upon moving in, and these sentiments will play to that emotion.

When The House Has A Small Yard

Some prospective buyers might not like the idea of a small yard, but you can tout the benefits of this setup. Instead of saying that the yard is small, use wording that focuses on how the yard won't require a lot of time-consuming maintenance. For example, write, "No need to worry about having your Saturday filled with mowing the lawn and raking the leaves."

When The House Is Close To The Highway

People might be concerned about noise when reading the listing of a home situated close to the highway, but there are benefits that you can focus on in your listing. For example, write how commuting can be easy with a line such as, "Less than a minute to the highway means that you'll spend less time stuck in traffic on the way to work."