Is Your Daughter Moving To The City Alone? What Security Measures To Take

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Is your daughter purchasing her first home in a city where there is crime and danger, and you worry that she will be a target for harm because she is a woman living on her own? If so, there are some things you can do to protect her, and to help make the home safer than it is right now. Investing the money and the time into being safe is something that is invaluable, so talk with your daughter and the right professionals and get started getting her the following things.

Home Alarm System

A home alarm system will be the first line of defense against intruders, and it will lower the chance of someone getting into her home by 300 percent. Get a system that she can monitor and track on her cell phone, that is wireless, and that offers security and safety benefits. The system should alarm if any of the following happens:

There are many different systems and models, some basic and others having IP video and HVAC control options. Talk with the security company to find out what will be best for her.


If the intruders are able to break through a window or door and get into the home, you'll want to have a dog that can protect her and the property. Sometimes the vicious bark of a dog can scare away intruders, and dogs can often sense things that the security system won't pick up unless it's activated. Ask her what type of dog she is comfortable with and talk about safety training courses for the dog.

Concealed-Carry Training

If your daughter is comfortable carrying a gun or you think she would want to learn how to shoot a gun and keep one in the home for safety, get her enrolled in a concealed-carry training program. This way she knows how to shoot, she has a license to carry a gun, and she can protect herself if someone gets into her home and she is alone.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to keep your peace of mind as your daughter moves out on her own. Talk with your daughter and find out what she is comfortable with and what other options she may want to pursue.