Keeping An Eye On Your Rental Properties When You Live Out-Of-State

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Sometimes, the best real estate deals can emerge in an instant, causing buyers to have to make split-second decisions. If a golden opportunity to buy rental property in another state has you questioning how you are going to keep a watchful eye on your tenants, the perfect solution awaits. Reputable property management companies are in the business of servicing landlords and maintaining great working relationships with tenants, all for a modest fee.

Finding Prospective Tenants

Once you have located and purchased a rental property, you will probably want to move in a new tenant and start collecting rent as soon as possible. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced landlords make is when they fail to screen incoming tenants, and end up dealing with continual hassles.

Scheduling showings and meeting with prospective tenants can also be difficult if you do not reside close to your rental properties. With a property management company, you can trust their experience in scheduling showings, screening prospective tenants, checking references, verifying income, and looking up rental histories.

Maintenance And Service Calls

Just as tenants have a duty to pay the rent on time, landlords must maintain a certain standard of living. As a landlord who lives out-of-state, you would need to have a general handyman as well as a professional plumber, HVAC technician and electrician available to answer repair requests at a moment's notice. Since property management companies are in charge of multiple properties, you can feel at ease knowing that your tenants' maintenance issues will always be resolved in a timely manner.

Handling Move-Outs And Property Inspections

Whether a tenant gives you ample notice prior to moving out, chooses not to renew a lease or simply vacates the premises without prior warning, you're going to need to have a plan to handle move-outs. Once a previously occupied rental unit has been vacated, it is wise to perform a walk-through so that you can return the security deposit, minus any damages.

Additionally, local inspectors will need access to your property so that you can maintain a certificate of occupancy. Avoid making the long trip to your rental properties by asking your property management company to make adequate arrangements.

Aligning yourself with a professional property management service will allow you to consistently collect a rental income, while going about your daily life uninterrupted. You will be kept aware of all important matters and benefit from the experience and expertise that your chosen property management company has to offer.