Why Water Damage Needs Proper Restoration By A Professional

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If you discover that your basement is flooded, removing the water can be a nightmare. When the basement has walls covered in sheet rock, or you have belongings stored in the basement, it is possible that water has seeped into your walls and belongings. Water damage should be repaired by a professional, because it is difficult to get all of the standing water out of a basement without the right equipment. Professionals are trained in restoration techniques and will assess for damage caused by standing water. While you may be able to get most of the water cleaned up yourself, understanding how to fully restore your basement requires expertise.

Water Seeps Everywhere

Water will get into every crack and crevice possible, seeping into sheet rock and staying there. Even if you get water off of the floor, your walls can still be moist from the water damage. A professional restoration company will be able to assess your walls, replace any damage that can be dried out, or use powerful fans to dry out the existing walls. Water gets underneath baseboards, and into places you won't even think about. A professional has the experience to look for water and remove it properly throughout a flooded basement.

Residual Water Causes Health Problems

Even a small amount of water left in your basement can cause serious mold and mildew growth. Water that is still in your walls is the most detrimental, as over time, this can cause walls made out of sheet rock to become brittle and weak. If mold is left to grow, you may experience an increase in asthma symptoms or respiratory problems that you didn't have before. Water that remains will not only ruin the air quality, but it can wreck property such as books and photographs that are susceptible to mold and mildew.

Water Damage Restoration Can Be Hazardous

If your basement is full of water, an electrical current could be carried in the water. When you need to use powerful vacuums to remove the water, you are at risk if you drop a device that is plugged in into the water. In addition, the air quality in the basement could already be poor because of the water build-up. If you don't use the right respiration equipment, you can have difficulty breathing and are at risk for a respiratory infection.

Water damage should be restored by a professional company, such as Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc, to keep you safe and reduce your potential for hazard health conditions.