Moving into an Apartment? How to Get Your Dog Approved

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As a dog owner, you might realize how tough it can be to find an apartment when you have a pet. If you have finally found an apartment that accepts dogs, you could be feeling a lot of relief. However, many apartments require that dogs be approved before they are allowed to move into the building. This can involve checking your references and even meeting your pet, so you have to ensure that you and Fido are prepared; otherwise, you could get turned down. These are a few helpful tips to help you get your dog approved for your new housing.

1. Take Your Dog to the Vet

Your new landlord is probably going to want to see proof that your dog is in good health and that it has had all of its shots. Therefore, it's probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with your vet to ensure that everything is up to date. Make sure that you ask your veterinarian for proof of your pet's vaccinations, and consider having him or her write a letter on company letterhead certifying that your dog is in good health and has all of its necessary vaccinations and treatments.

2. Work On Your Dog's Training

Your landlord might require that your dog go through a meeting process to ensure that it is well-behaved and that it is not aggressive. Consider brushing up on your pet's training, and try socializing it around other humans and other pets by taking it to a dog park, a pet store that allows you to bring in your pets, or anywhere else where you'll come in contact with other people and other animals. Working with your dog on this now can help make the interview with your landlord a lot easier. Plus, it will help prepare your pet for apartment living and being near your neighbors in rather close quarters.

3. Gather Positive References

You might need positive references to prove that your pet is well-behaved. Along with the letter from your veterinarian, consider getting letters and contact information from your dog's trainer, ex-landlords who might have come in contact with your dog, and others who know you and your pet well. This can help your landlord feel better about allowing your dog to move into the rental.

Many landlords are nervous about allowing tenants to bring in their dogs. However, following these tips can help you get your pet approved. You might also consider working with a real estate agent who can you help you find apartments in your area that are pet friendly.