Sell Your House Fast To An Investor

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Life can change on a dime. One minute you are satisfied with your position in life, and the next you are being offered a job promotion that comes with a transfer across the country. You need to move and you need to sell your home quickly.

There are a few places that are hot markets, with homes being listed and immediately getting offers. However, if that is not the norm in your area, then you should consider selling your home to an investor.

How should you find investors?

You want to find an investor that will buy your house for cash, not just someone looking for a second home to make a rental property. There are several companies, or franchises of companies, that specialize in buying homes for cash. They might advertise that they buy houses for cash, that they buy houses fast, or even that they buy ugly houses. These are legitimate buyers for you to consider.

Why is a cash buyer better?

The first benefit of a cash buyer is speed. The buyer does not need to get a bank's approval, nor do they have to have an appraisal or an inspection. You don't have to wait for the underwriter. The transaction can be done in no time at all.

The second benefit is that you sell the home as-is. You don't have time to spend weeks or months landscaping your yard and cleaning up your home so that you can stage it for a real-estate agent. You don't even need to do any repairs on your home.

The investor will go through your home and estimate how much it will cost them to repair the home. Then they will estimate how much they can sell the home for, or rent the home for, after the repairs have been made. They will take those figures and decide how much they are willing to spend in order to buy that home. You must recognize that their maximum offer may not be their first offer. Don't be afraid to do some haggling with the investor in order to get the best price for you.

Finally, there may be more money in your pocket by selling your home to an investor that specializes in buying ugly houses. If you sell your home to an investor, you won't have to pay a commission, which is a percentage of the price the house sells for.

Many traditional buyers also want to negotiate for the seller to pay all or some of the closings costs. These costs are associated with the buyer's mortgage. If you sell your house for cash, then you don't have to deal with these closing costs. More money is going to be in your pocket.