3 Packing Tips To Keep In Mind The Next Time You Move

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Moving can be headache, but knowing how to pack your things properly and efficiently makes things a whole lot easier. If you have a moving date that is looming in the near future and you're unsure of where to begin with the packing process, take a look below at three packing tips you should keep in mind that will make your life in transit much easier. 

Donate or Sell Used Items

The less there is to pack, the easier it is. That's why identifying rarely used items and donating them to a local charity (or selling them at a discount to a thrift shop) is the first thing you should do when you start the packing process. Start with old clothes that you haven't worn in a long time, and move on to unused exercise equipment or other gadgets you might have that are sitting around and collecting dust. Donating your items to others who can use them is always a good feeling, and if you do happen to make a bit of money you make from the sale to buy your first take-out dinner in the new house.

Separate "First Day" Items From The Rest

When you first move in to a new house or apartment, it can be exhausting trying to identify exactly what you've packed where, even if you have painstakingly labeled every box. The key to finding the things you need right away after moving is to identify those items and pack them in boxes that you keep separate from the rest of your belongings. Toiletries, a few changes of clothes, basic kitchenware, as well as electronic items like laptops and phone chargers are all examples of things you might want to have access to on your first day of moving. Start making a list of "first day" items about a week before you begin moving, so that you can be sure you have everything you need.  

Put Blankets To Good Use

Most people carelessly stash sheets and blankets in large boxes and throw them in the back of a truck, not realizing that blankets can serve a convenient purpose. If you're thinking of moving soon, remember that you can use blankets to wrap up valuable items inside boxes, and to keep them from breaking during the moving process. You can also drape blankets over large pieces of furniture to prevent them from scratching against other hard surfaces. 

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