Five Easy Ways To Keep Your Vacation Rental Property Looking Beautiful

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When you invest in a second home, particularly a vacation rental home, you should have already gone through the process of creating a budget, finding the right location, and buying a property. Turning your vacation home into an occasional rental is an effective way to generate extra income. However, to minimize costs and maintain a beautiful vacation home, you should consider following the tips below.

Invest in Furniture Made with Sturdy Material

Starting on a blank slate, you have a chance to spend your money as wisely as possible. While you may have certain preferences for furniture, you should prioritize sturdy materials. Oftentimes, you can find synthetic fiber furniture that is affordable, durable, and requires little effort to keep maintained.

Consider Rugs and Slipcovers

Although microfiber furniture will last longer than furniture of other material types, you can still benefit from using slipcovers that are easily replaced between guests. For the floors and high-traffic areas, you can protect them by using rugs, which are ideal because they are inexpensive, washable, and replaceable.

Provide Safe Kitchenware

When you leave kitchenware in the home, you want to minimize damage and breakage. For instance, instead of buying delicate glassware and non-stick cookware with stainless steel utensils, you should consider stocking your kitchen with plastic or wooden kitchenware, which cannot break or cause damage.

Focus on Simplicity

While vacationers often enjoy color and style in a vacation property, this does not mean you need fill the home with excessive furniture or accessories. Keeping it simple with furnishings will not only provide you with visually appealing photos from plenty of open space, but it requires less overall cleaning. Also, instead of decorating a wall with multiple pictures, you can keep it modest and fill the space with one large picture.

Use a Property Manager

If you are not going to be near the property to introduce guests to the property and keep it maintained when transitioning from one guest to another, you should hire a property manager. It is possible to arrange your own professional services such as landscaping and cleaning, but you should not hesitate to use a property management company like ABC Property Managers Inc as they can greatly improve the guest experience.

While you have the freedom to furnish, decorate, and maintain your vacation property how you please, you will find it most beneficial to make sure it is both easy and inexpensive. Following the five tips above will ensure you are more than capable of having a beautiful and easy-to-maintain vacation rental.