4 Problems A Property Management Company Can Solve For You

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Rental properties can be a great source of income, but they can also come with a variety of problems and complications. Instead of letting your rental properties become a huge headache, consider hiring a property management company. Property management companies can handle many of the more annoying or time-consuming property-related tasks for you, while also acting as problem solvers. Whether it's a tenant issue or a problem with the building itself, here are four common problems a property management company can solve for you:

Creepy Crawlies

Whether it's an invasion of ants, an infestation of spiders, or some other unpleasant situation involving pests, with a property management company you can rest assured the problem will get resolved without you having to step foot on the property. Property management companies have good relationships with a variety of reliable local contractors, including those who focus on pest control.

Late Rent

Late rent is a frequent headache for many landlords. Not only does late or unpaid rent mean less income for you, but getting tenants to pay up can be an awkward and difficult process. Property management companies are skilled at collecting rent in an efficient way while carefully following the lease agreement and any applicable laws. In addition, property managers are able to carefully screen renters, allowing only higher quality tenants who are more likely to pay their rent on time to rent your property in the first place.

Plumbing Issues

With a property manager doing the annoying aspects of landlord work for you, you will no longer have to dread late night calls from tenants about burst pipes or backed up toilets. Instead, the property management company will resolve these urgent but unpleasant matters for you. This allows you to relax in your downtime while also having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your rental property will not be damaged by unresolved plumbing issues.

High Vacancy Numbers

Vacant residential rental properties mean a major loss of income. Property management companies are adept at keeping your rental properties fully occupied, with no long gaps in between tenants. Property management companies simply have the marketing know-how and efficient renter application processes needed to keep your properties from being vacant for long.

With a property management company on your side, problems will be solved efficiently, smoothly, and with minimal effort on your part. This means you can enjoy the benefits of owning a rental property while skipping over many of the headaches.

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