The Top 3 Reasons To Feel Good About Buying A Mobile Home

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There are some stubborn myths surrounding mobile homes. But don't let those false ideas trick you into not purchasing this type of housing if you're looking at affordable home options. The truth is that you can buy a mobile home today with confidence, for the following 3 reasons:

1) Modern manufactured homes are very well-constructed.

Today's mobile homes are constructed with quality materials, using proven techniques that make them strong, attractive, and well-insulated. Because all of the components of manufactured homes are built indoors, the wood framing is not exposed to insects, rain, or snow as with site-built homes.

Additionally, builders perfect their model homes by building many of them, so that rooms are square, fasteners stay fastened, and there is consistency of quality in each unit. The same carpenters and other skilled workers complete every home. They perfect their crafts when building manufactured housing, and they take pride in their workmanship.

You can have confidence in the weather-tightness of these units, as well. A new mobile home with a modern furnace will be far more insulated and energy-efficient than an older, drafty home with an aging heating system.

2) Today's mobile homes are beautiful.

While you can still purchase a plain, single-wide trailer if you're looking to downsize, there are plenty of upscale manufactured homes on the market.

These double and even triple-wide mobile homes have interior features that rival those in any new home. Granite counter tops, crown molding and vaulted ceilings are some of the upgrades you'll find in new mobile homes. You can even have a home built to order, with your choice of flooring, wall colors, and appliances.

The exteriors of manufactured homes are attractive as well, with vinyl siding, quality doors, and shingled roofs, giving today's mobile homes the same curb appeal as traditional housing.

3) Mobile homes can appreciate.

You might not believe that there are mobile homes worth millions, but in some markets, including many in California, there are growing numbers of high-value mobile homes.

There's really no secret to their high appraisal. Location is the key. Just as with standard homes, mobile homes will appreciate more when they are located in desirable areas. Whether you choose to live in a mobile home park, or have your home delivered to your own patch of land, if you are in the right location, your mobile home will gain equity over time.

In some areas, if you install a permanent foundation, your mobile home can become eligible for a traditional mortgage as it grows in value. Alternately, if you dislike your location, you can move your mobile home to a better area where it will be more likely to appreciate. No traditional home can offer that kind of flexibility. Click here to learn more about mobile homes for sale.