Four Factors To Look For In The First Apartment You Plan To Share With Your Partner

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The process of looking for a new apartment to share with your partner can be exciting and enjoyable. You both get to discuss what you do and do not like when it comes to apartments, and hopefully settle on a space that falls within both of your tastes. It is a mistake, however, to focus only on amenities and features you think you want in an apartment. You should also make sure the apartment you choose has features that make living with another person feasible. Here are four factors that any great "couple's" apartment should have.

More than one bathroom.

Stumbling over your partner when you're rushing to get ready for work in the morning is frustrating. Having two bathrooms will make your mornings more pleasant, and will also mean you can both have your own bathroom to fill with your own cosmetic and toiletry items. If you both shower in the morning, you'll want two full bathrooms, but if one of you showers at night, you can make do with one and a half baths.

A spacious entryway closet.

Think of how many coats and boots you have. Now, add in your partner's coats and boots. If you don't find an apartment with a spacious entryway closet to house all of this outerwear, it will probably end up in your bedroom closet, where it will take up valuable space that you need for your clothes. Thus, a spacious entryway closet is an important key to keeping all of your clothing organized and neat instead of scattered on the floor.

A kitchen with plenty of counter space.

If the two of you rarely cook, then you can probably do without this feature. However, if you plan on cooking together often, as many couples do, you want to make sure there's enough room for two of you in the kitchen. Some apartments have small, galley kitchens, and while these are fine for singles, they make it hard for couples to enjoy the process of preparing a meal together.

A den, office, or spare bedroom.

It may be tempting to rent a one-bedroom since they're often more affordable than two-bedroom apartments. However, you'll likely find that you're short on space if you don't at least have an extra den, office, or small bedroom. This extra room gives you space to stash the old movie posters, decor and collections that your partner may not love as much as you do. It can also serve as space for overnight guests to stay, so you don't have to give up your own bedroom and sleep in the living room. It's a lot harder for two people to crash in the living room than for a single person to sleep on the couch.

Moving in with your partner is a big step in your relationship, and it might take the two of you some time to adapt. By making sure you choose an apartment that is truly set up to be inhabited by two people, you'll make the adjustment process easier.