Differences Between A Standard, Surface-Mount, And High-Security Deadbolt Lock

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There are three major types of deadbolt locks that offer varying advantages and different security features when it comes to keeping a home protected from intruders. A deadbolt lock is never connected to the doorknob that controls entrance to a home, so one advantage of any type of deadbolt lock is that it cannot be broken open if a doorknob is manipulated by a burglar.

Standard deadbolts

A standard deadbolt lock won't automatically lock when a door closes. This is an important difference between a standard deadbolt lock and a single-latch lock. Homes with both some form of deadbolt lock and a single-latch lock are the most secure. 

Usually, standard deadbolts need to be locked with a key when the resident of a home is on the inside of the home. This means that--in the case of a standard deadbolt--it might be best to leave the key in the lock on the interior so that the door can be immediately opened from the inside in the case of an emergency.

Surface-mounted deadbolt locks

If only a standard deadbolt lock is used to secure a door, it's often possible for burglars to break in by drilling, sawing, hammering into the door frame. A surface-mounted deadbolt will protect a home from this possible means of breaking in by preventing any potential accessibility from the exterior of the home. 

A surface-mounted deadbolt lock is created with a D-shaped design that puts the locking mechanism on a door's backside. Surface-mounted deadbolt locks include two separate cylinder bolts rather than one. This make the door more secure. However, some homeowners prefer to avoid surface-mounted deadbolts because they have a highly visible appearance on the interior portion of the door. 

High-security deadbolt locks

A high-security deadbolt is typically more expensive, but it offers the added security advantage of a PIN configuration that makes it more difficult for a burglar to break in to a home. It is not possible for a burglar to create a reproduced key for a high-security deadbolt. 

While high-security deadbolts make breaking into a home more complicated, they also make having a lock installed or having locksmith services performed on a door more complicated. The installation of high-security deadbolt locks requires professional installation. 

Deciding on the right deadbolt

Many homeowners consider the idea of a "deadbolt" lock a highly secure form of keeping intruders out of a home. However, it's important that homeowners understand that there are several different options when it comes to a deadbolt lock. Each of these options must be analyzed according to a homeowner's needs, budget, and preferences. Talk to experts like Suburban Lock for more information.