2 Tips For Installing A Vegetable Garden

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When it comes to putting a vegetable garden in your yard, using the best landscaping techniques is a good idea so that your garden looks nice and grows well. Follow these 2 tips so that your garden looks like you've had a professional landscape installation!

Renew the Soil and Use a Ground Cover

First, you need to rake the soil and make sure that it is really loose. You can even get a tilling machine that will churn the soil, and this will help some of the best soil in the ground to come to the surface.

Next, mix in some new soil if you have been using the same soil for the past few years. Sometimes the dirt will not have enough nutrients if it has been used over and over again, so some fresh soil will help.

Once you have done this, you need to smooth the soil out so that it is even. Next, you need to put a plastic tarp or vegetable garden cover over the soil and stake it down on the corners and on the sides.

The main reason for this is to prevent weed growth when you water. Even if weeds try to grow, they will not be very successful if they are under the tarp without any sunlight. With the tarp in place, you can cut small holes in it and then plant your seeds. You can be certain that your plants will be the only thing getting sunlight and nutrients.

Use Individual Plant Drip Lines

The other tip that will make a big difference is extending individual drip lines from the main drip lines. When you do this, you will be able to control the water directly at the base of each plant. This will allow the plants to get direct watering, and the water will not run all over, which can cause the water to flow away from the plants' roots.

If you really want to make your drip lines seem professional, then get ones that are adjustable. This will allow you to turn the water flow up and down for each plant according to their watering needs. If a plant is starting to look yellow at all, then you need to back the water off because this is an indication of over-watering.

Your garden will look groomed and will also have a better chance of producing good vegetables if you follow these landscaping tips.