Safety Measures To Reduce Theft

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Theft is something businesses must think about if they want to keep their profits and wares safe. There are many things a business can do to reduce the likelihood that they will become a victim of a robbery. Here are some ways your business can help safeguard against theft.

Install An Alarm System

One of the best ways to keep thieves from being able to enter your building is to install an alarm system. An alarm system will notify authorities that there is a potential break-in as soon as someone tries entering. Some alarm systems will let out a loud sound to alert the thief and people in the nearby vicinity that there is a problem within your building. Other systems may be silent, alerting only police that there is a theft in progress.

Invest In Sturdy Locks

The locks you have on your doors are important in keeping thieves from being able to get into your establishment. You can install locks that need keys to open each side, making it more difficult for a thief to gain entry. Many break-ins occur when a window is broken right next to the door. The thief will slide their arm through the broken glass and attempt to open the door from the inside. If you have locks that need a key from the inside, the thief may give up in trying to get inside.

Restricted keyways are another great theft deterrent method. Keys would only be able to be reproduced by a certain manufacturer if you have this type of lock and key setup. When an employee is fired or leaves the company, it is not necessary to have to rekey all of your doors because of someone possibly having made copies of the key. You can be reassured that if they return the original key, no others will have been made.

Keep Everything Lit

Lighting up the area is very important to keep theft from happening. People are less likely to break into an area that is on display for all to see. Keep lights on in the interior of your building, and keep the cash register in plain view with the drawer open. This will show people there is no money inside to be able to be taken. Keep floodlights on outside your building around all entryways. If there are dark areas for people to hide, it is easier to rob a building. 

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