Being Bugged By Bugs? 6 Natural Pest Killers From Around Your Home

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Whether insects and bugs are invading your home or your garden, you're sick and tired of them. You're ready to do something about those bugs bugging you, but you want to stay away from harmful chemicals because of your children and pets. Luckily, there are plenty of natural pest killers that you can put to use. The best part of it all is that you probably have most – if not all – of these in your house right now!

1. Cucumbers

If you have noticed a lot of ants crawling around your kitchen counter or the picnic table outside, slice up a cucumber and set it out on a plate. The ants will avoid the area at all costs because the cucumber is actually toxic to the fungi that the ants eat.

2. Baby Powder

If you know the point of entry for the ants, you can sprinkle a line of baby powder in that place. There is an ingredient known as talcum powder that is found within the baby powder and will repel the ants. Baby powder is also effective in keeping away the wasps and bees, so make sure to keep a bottle of it on hand during the summer!

3. Dryer Sheets

When you go out hiking, gardening or camping, make sure that you have a few dryer sheets with you. Stuff one in your backpack, your pocket and anywhere else that you can think of, as these dryer sheets can help keep annoying pests out of your way. It's much better than spraying mosquito repellant all over you, and you'll make sure you smell great!

4. Onions

Almost every type of bug hates the smell of onions. If you have a garden, make sure to plant onions because those plants will help keep the bugs from attacking all of your other plants. As for inside, slice up an onion or two and stick them in a bowl of water. The pests won't bother you anytime soon!

5. Vanilla Extract

If you want a natural repellant that actually smells good, then you should turn to your pantry and find your vanilla extract. Yes, the same vanilla that you use for cakes! Mix it with a little bit of water and the insects will be turning and running the other way. At the same time, your house will smell fantastic!

6. Sweet Basil

If the flies are annoying you while you're out on your front porch or if they're making their way into your home, all you need it to plant a sweet basil plant. It can be planted in containers or in the front yard near the door and porch. If you plan on going on a picnic, make sure to take a potted plant with you or to cut off a bunch of the basil to stick in your picnic basket. It will keep the flies and the mosquitoes away.

When you can't use these all-natural methods to work to repel the bugs, contact your local pest control company, one like Bug Busters. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of help!