Making Room: How To Make More Room In Your Storage Container

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If you're moving, then you know the costs are already adding up. Storage facilities can be expensive, and they increase in price when you have to get a bigger container. Here are a few ways that you can adjust your belongings, so you can fit more into a smaller container and save money. 

Furniture: The Disassembled 

One of the best ways to take up less space in a storage container is by reducing the size of your larger furniture. By taking apart pieces you had to assemble, you'll be able to store more in a compact space. This makes room for your larger items, like sofas or TVs, which can't be disassembled. 

When you're disassembling your furniture, remember to:

  1. Bring a small baggie, a photo of the completed furniture, tape, and permanent marker. Place all the screws, nuts, and bolts from one piece of furniture into the bag. Write which piece the baggie belongs to, and then tape it to the back of any of the furniture piece's parts. With this method, you'll never lose the hardware you need to put your furniture back together. 
  2. Store similar parts together. If your bed is broken down into slats, a headboard, and a foot board, be sure to keep them all in the same area of the storage unit. This makes moving one piece out of storage easier, since you won't have to dig through boxes to reach it. 

Boxes: Moving Upwards

Boxes are perfect for saving space in a small storage container. They come in predetermined sizes and can be stacked. Don't let tall units go to waste; many boxes can be stacked three or more high, allowing you to store items up to the ceiling without having to worry about the boxes on the bottom collapsing. 

When using boxes to pack your belongings:

  1. Always pack and store the heaviest items on the bottom. They will make the tower of boxes more stable, so it's safer for them to be stacked. 
  2. Use thick packaging tape or duct tape to keep the boxes well-sealed. 
  3. Stack smaller boxes on top, allowing larger boxes to work as a base. This prevents toppling. 
  4. Remember to store items that you will want to use right away at the front of the storage container. 
  5. Always mark your boxes with a permanent marker to show what's inside. 

These are just a few tips on how to store your items safely while using the least amount of space. Good luck on your move!