9 Tips To Help Sell Your Home In A Difficult Economic Environment

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The economy has a lot of influence in how quickly your home sells. In difficult times, your home could sit on the market for months or even longer. You can put your home in the best position to sell using these tips. 

  1. If possible, wait. The housing market has cycles. If the market is currently favoring buyers, waiting could be to your advantage. In some cases, just waiting a few months can make a difference.
  2. Know the value of your home. Without a professional appraisal of your home, you cannot know realistically price your home. An appraisal also lets you know what lenders will offer borrowers on your home.
  3. Set a minimum price. The asking price for your home and what you actually walk away with can possibly be two different numbers. Before setting your price, have a minimum amount you are willing to accept. This could make the difference in selling and not selling.
  4. Get an inspection. During difficult economic times, a potential buyer might not have the spare money for an inspection. To help make your home more attractive for buyers, arrange for an inspection of your home. 
  5. Make major repairs. Even if you are offering your home at what you feel is a lower selling price than you think it is worth, it is important to tackle major repairs. Again, in a difficult economy, buyers can be turned off on spending extra for repairs.
  6. Visually increase your space. Most homebuyers are looking for large living space. Declutter your home and remove all personal possessions such as family photos. This creates the illusion of more space and also helps the buyer focus solely on the home.
  7. Get professional help. An aggressive and successful real estate agent could influence how well your home sells. An experienced agent know how to sell homes in difficult times and can give you invaluable insight.
  8. Keep track of buyers' comments. When potential buyers visit your home, make note of comments they make about your home. You can use their likes and dislikes to make adjustments to your home.
  9. Stay positive. Even if your home does not sell within the time period expected, it is important that you stay positive. Your attitude can have an impact on how well you can sway potential buyers.

Harsh economic times can have a bearing on how quickly your home sells, but you can also have an influence. Doing things, such as getting a home inspection, can put your home above other homes on the market. For more information, contact Remax Glenn Knutson or a similar real estate agent.