3 Unique Ways To Use A Storage Unit

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Many people use storage units before and after a big move. They shove all the belongings that won't fit into their new place into the storage unit until they can come back and get it. However, storage units can be used for more than moving. Beyond setting up a tent and living in it, or performing illegal activities, there's a lot you can do with the rental spaces.

For example, you can use them for...

Business Storage

While you can't hang a sign on the front of your unit that says open for business, you can use it to store extra items. If you're the type of person that sells clothing or other items, and you're tired of them taking up space in your house, consider renting a storage unit. Yes, you'll incur some extra costs, but you may actually improve your revenue by decluttering your current situation.

Additionally, if you've felt you don't have enough room at your place to start a business now, a storage unit may help you start. If you're the type of person that loves remodeling furniture, and is always looking for a great deal at yard sales, a storage unit may help you start.

Of course, they're also great for...

Home Issues

Pests, remodeling, painting, and many other things in life can throw a few surprises your way. If you need to fumigate your home, and you're worried about the pesticides being trapped in your furniture and belongings, you can always temporarily move some of the furniture out. Yes, it'll take some extra time and work on your part, but it's a decent option.

Additionally, if you want to remodel a room in your house and you don't want all of that furniture taking up space in other rooms for the time being, you can also move it out of your home for a month — or however long it takes you to finish installing a new kitchen floor or rebuff the hardwood floors of your home.

Of course, sometimes what you need to store isn't inside your house, but out, which is why you might need to use a unit as an...

Extra Garage

Some people would love to have a motorcycle, or a boat, or even a small collapsible camper. They just don't have the room for it on their property. Why not use a self storage unit instead? Of course, before you start parking your vehicles (or boats) in the storage unit, make sure to check with the owners about policies.

Even if it's okay to leave them in the units, you'll probably be responsible for any damage or stains you leave. Motorcycles have oil and that oil eventually drips. Although, parking it on a tarp or even an old rug might take care of the problem.

If one of these ideas sounds like something you can take advantage of, start contacting local storage companies, like Northgate Mini Storage, to find out about policies and rates.