4 Tips To Prepare Your RV For Winter Storage

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If you are considering storing your RV this winter, it is not just a simple as locking the door and parking it in storage. You will need to take several steps to prepare your RV for storage during the winter months. Here are four tips to help you prepare your RV for storage.

Fill the Gaps and Spaces in Your RV

Sometimes when you move out of your RV, rodents and squirrels move in. The tricky thing is that they can enter your RV through very small spaces. It is important for you to inspect the underside and exterior of your RV for any possible access points. Make sure that you check any place where wiring and plumbing enter your RV. If daylight appears in these crevices, squirrels or mice may have enough room to access your RV. If you notice any access points, fill them with expanding foam or silicone.

Prepare the Inside of Your RV

Open your refrigerator and defrost the freezer. Keep the refrigerator door open and place boxes of baking soda inside the refrigerator. Turn off the breakers from your RV breaker panel. Open any drawers and cabinets but close your windows and blinds. Additionally, leave your vents open just a smidge so that your RV will receive ventilation during storage. If you used any cell batteries, remove them and install them once you start using your RV again.

Prepare Your Battery

Leave the battery of your RV plugged in, especially if you want to start the RV during the winter storage months. Try to plug it into the shore power at least once a month for eight hours. This will keep your batteries activated and ready to go when needed.

Prepare the Engine of Your RV

Before you store your RV, change the oil filter and oil of the generator and engine. When your RV is stored, acid could build up in the oil and corrode your engine. Changing the filter and oil will prevent this from happening. At this time, you should also check the antifreeze in your engine's radiator to ensure that it has the right concentration in it.

The preceding four tips will help you store your RV during the cold winter months. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to prepare your RV for storage. This preparation is important to ensure that the RV is still working at optimal levels on the other side of the storage period. Once you've prepped your RV, it should be ready for winter storage either at your home or a storage unit like The Storehouse Watertown.