Critical Safety Precautions That Will Prevent Your Gun From Causing A Tragic Accident

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If you own a firearm that you use for sport or protection, there are a few precautions you should take, preferably in combination, to ensure your safety. Here are some examples of extra precautions that will help you avoid tragic accidents, especially if you do them together to add extra redundancy.

Gun Safes

According to, a recent study found that 55% of people polled left their firearms in unlocked places in homes with children. The same study showed that 43% had guns with no safety locks on them in an unlocked area.

It's the law in many states to keep your gun locked in a safe at all times, but you shouldn't do this solely because it's the law. The truth is that accidents decrease when you keep your gun locked up.

You can often get gun safes for sale that will fit in nearly any space that you have available in your house.

Child-proof Safety Locks

Accidental gun deaths also decrease when you pair a proper gun safe with a child safety lock as well. The device makes it so that children can't just pick up the gun and immediately start shooting.

An example of a lock of this variety includes an internal lock which is in the gun's grip. This piece locks the gun's regular manual safety mechanism. There's also an external lock that has plastic bits covering over the trigger so it can't be pulled.

Additionally, there's technology in the works that would make it so that only authorized people could unlock a gun using their thumbprint. Since thumbprints are all unique, this would make it completely impossible for children or other unauthorized individuals to fire the gun without permission.

Loading Indicators

Even just the simple measure of purchasing a gun that has a small color indicator showing whether the gun is currently armed with live ammunition or not can also go a long way to preventing serious accidents.

In fact, according to the Smart Gun Laws site, combining a childproof safety lock with some sort of indicator on a gun to show that it's loaded reduces the chance of people dying accidentally from guns by nearly a third.

These precautions can work in a residence or in a commercial building equally as well. It's important to be safe regardless of where you keep your firearms. It's also the combination of all these precautions that will have the maximum effect.