3 Things You Should Always Tell Your Realtor

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Whenever you contact a realtor about selling your home, you should be aware that personal information will have to be shared. Your realtor must know about your financial and sometimes even your family situation in order to assist you. Since self-disclosure is a must when you are looking to sell your home, the following are some of the most important things you should tell your realtor.

Always Tell The Truth About Your Mortgage

Your realtor should be aware of how many mortgages you have on your home. Most realtors will expect that you will have one mortgage on the home, but they will not expect you to have several mortgages. If you are trying to sell your home, you cannot hide these facts from your realtor, since all of this will eventually be exposed as the selling process begins to unfold.

Tell Your Realtor Why You Are Selling

People sell their homes for various reasons. The need for a change of neighborhood or a bigger or smaller home, divorce and family issues are just a few of the more common reasons. Being upfront with your realtor about your personal reasons for wanting to sell is one of the best ways to ensure that your realtor knows the timeframe in which you need to have the property sold as well as the best marketing angle to take to ensure property sale. Whatever your reasons for selling self-disclosure is a must in order for your realtor to provide effective service.

Every Defect Should Be Reported

If the house has any defects that are not visible to the naked eye, then you should inform your realtor about them. Invisible issues may include, a leaking roof or minor cracks in the ceiling. Problems with pest such as termites, cockroaches that come out at night and defects in your basement should all be reported to your realtor.

Issues like these will not remain a secret and should be disclosed to potential buyers. In the event that your realtor makes a sale without disclosing these problems, the new owner may feel duped and decide to file a lawsuit against you or the realtor, in some cases they may sue both of you.

Getting your house sold quickly is a lot easier when your realtor is knowledgeable about your finances, personal issues that relate to the home's sale, as well as any defects that may make the house less attractive to potential buyers.